Dribbble Shots of The Week #2

Now and again I like having a browse some Dribbble shots for inspiration, as I’m sure we all do. With that in mind, I thought it would be nice to round-up some of the lesser known shots I’ve seen recently. You get to see some shots you probably wouldn’t have and designers get more eyeballs on their work. It’s a win win!

Leave a comment if you’ve found a shot that should be included in next weeks round-up.

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The Dribbble Shots

#1.) “Hello Dribbble!”

Dribbble shots of the Dribbble logo


#2.) “Icon Concept for Atourin’s Value Proposition”

Minimal coluorful icons

#3.) “Data Usage”

Data visualisation on mobile

#4.) “App Landing page”

App landing page mockup


#5.) “Calendar UI”

Minimal calendar UI mockup


#6.) “Team Collaboration Widgets (part 2)”

Assorted app UI widgets

#7.) “Dashboard – Application for processing requests”

UI dashboard of requests

#8.) “crypto wallet”

Crypto currency wallet UI mockup on mobile

#9.) “GA Dashboard Mobile”

Google analytics dashboard

#10.) “Bright Vibe Calendar”

Bright mobile calendar UI


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