Wallpapers of the Month #2

“Wallpapers of the Month” is a monthly round-up featuring at least 10 fantastically beautiful images you can use to spruce up your desktop.

I’d love to hear in the comments what you’ve been using to bring some life to your workspace. Just leave a comment below with a link to what’s on your desktop.

An interesting question if you’ve got multiple desktops or computers, which I’ve been asked a few times, do you use the same wallpaper for all or different ones for each?

Check out all previous wallpapers of the month if you’re looking for even more inspiration.

The Wallpapers


(By Henri Picot)

Snowy landscape wallpapers


(by Darv Robinson)

London and big ben at dusk wallpapers


(by Michael Olsen)

Tropical sea wallpapers


(by Daniel Sessler)

Misty shoreline wallpapers


(by Drew Collins)

Snowy mountains and lake wallpapers


(by Mark Golovko)

Misty forest wallpapers


(by eberhard grossgasteiger)

Clear sky and snowy mountains wallpapers


(by Goran Jorganovich)

Falling snow in front of cabin wallpapers


(by Jack Ward)

Circle of sparks wallpapers


(by Casey Horner)

Fantasy-style waterfall wallpapers


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