Wallpapers of the Month #1

The first in a new series of posts, “Wallpapers of the Month” is going to be a monthly round-up of at least 10 fantastic images you can use to really make your desktop pop.

Let me know what you’ve been using lately to give your screen a little more life. Check out all previous wallpapers of the month if you’re looking for even more inspiration.

If you’ve got something great you’d like to have in next weeks round-up just leave a comment below with a link to the picture.

The Wallpapers


(By Dylan Hooper)

Starry forest at night wallpapers


(by Preston Pownell)

Desert canyon wallpapers


(by Giulio Palumbo Schiavone)

Swirling pattern wallpapers


(by Kevin Noble)

Lake and trees with purple sky wallpapers


(by Neil Rosenstech)

Lake, trees and mountains wallpapers


(by Easton Oliver)

Snow and trees wallpapers


(by Aditya Wahyu R.)

Hot springs wallpapers


(by Joakim Honkasalo)

Snow with a purple sky wallpapers


(by David Tostado)

Road surrounded by trees wallpapers


(by Tyler Lastovich)

Mountains and gravel path wallpapers


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