30 Inspiring Workspaces and Offices

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Like many designers I’ve always been a huge fan of seeing where others work because it instantly makes me want to improve my own set up. Below I’ve curated 30 of the best and most inspiring workspaces and offices in the world.

I curated another list of 12 inspiring designer workspaces and offices a few months ago. Have a look if you’re after more when you’re done here.

Workspace: Condo Casual
Source: Condo Casual
Workspace: Londonderry
Source: Dribbble
Workspace: Fresh Exchange Blog
Source: Fresh Exchange Blog
Workspace: Andrew Carretta
Source: Flickr
Workspace: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest
Workspace: Anna Dorfman
Source: Design Milk
Workspace: Ashley
Source: Flickr
Workspace: Interiors, yum!
Source: Interiors, yum!
Workspace: mac pix
Source: mac pix
Workspace: A Merry Mishap
Source: Pinterest
Workspace: Mel & Matt
Source: apartment therapy
Workspace: Kirsty
Source: Iconosquare
Workspace: Mikel Manitius
Source: Flickr
Workspace: Stefano Pilati
Workspace: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest
Workspace: Brian Kieffer
Source: Flickr
Workspace: Mike Baisey
Source: lifehacker
Workspace: Portico Design
Source: Home Designing
Workspace: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest
Workspace: Home Designing
Source: Home Designing
Workspace: Lisa Risager
Source: Flickr
Workspace: apartment therapy
Source: apartment therapy
Workspace: We Heart It
Source: We Heart It
Workspace: Zach Roszczewski
Source: Dribbble
Workspace: Tumblr
Source: Reddit
Source: Tumblr
Workspace: Male Trends
Source: Male Trends
Workspace: MacRumors
Source: MacRumors
Workspace: Marco Pasanella and Rebecca Robertson
Source: Remodelista
Workspace: NYTimes
Source: NYTimes


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December 28, 2014 at 6:27 pm

I like that they’re just simple layouts. It makes me want to de litter all my stuff and make a minimal layout on my own.


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