Designer Spotlight #7: Frantisek Kusovsky

Every so often I like to put together a post celebrating the fantastic work of designers who really put 110% into what they do. I’d like to thank all the awesome designers I’ve featured so far and I’m looking forward to featuring more amazing work in the future. If you’d like to see more of these features, go ahead and browse the designer spotlight category.

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This Weeks Designer Spotlight: Frantisek Kusovsky

It’s been a while since the last designer spotlight, in fact it was last October (2014). To get back at featuring all of these amazing designers, I’ve decided to start off with Frantisek Kusovsky. He’s a fantastic interface designer from Prague in the Czech Republic.

Just having a quick browse at his Dribbble profile will fill you with inspiration. Frantisek is currently a visual designer at Intercom. If you’ve ever used it, as I have, you’ll know it’s a top-notch piece of software with a really minimal, yet powerful, interface.

You can find Frantisek on DribbbleTwitter. Also, be sure to check out his site.

UI Kit Preview

UI Kit Preview by Frantisek Kusovsky

Marketplace [wip]

Marketplace [wip] by Frantisek Kusovsky

Tracking Widget [wip]

Tracking Widget [wip] by Frantisek Kusovsky

Simple modal [wip]

Simple modal [wip] by Frantisek Kusovsky


Modals by Frantisek Kusovsky

Invision app design evolution

Invision app design evolution by Frantisek Kusovsky

Project management app [wip]

Project management app [wip] by Frantisek Kusovsky

Simple dashboard [wip]

Simple dashboard [wip] by Frantisek Kusovsky

Responsive dashboard [wip]

Responsive dashboard [wip] by Frantisek Kusovsky


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