Designer Spotlight #6: Riki Tanone

Every so often I like to put together a post celebrating the fantastic work of designers who really put 110% into what they do. I’d like to thank all the awesome designers I’ve featured so far and I’m looking forward to featuring more amazing work in the future. If you’d like to see more of these posts you can browse the designer spotlight category.

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This Weeks Designer Spotlight: Riki Tanone

This week I’ve chosen Riki Tanone because of the incredible quality he puts into his work and his giving back to the community. I’ve been following Riki’s work for quite a while now and have always been impressed with the level of detail in his work.

Something that really stands out is his knowledge of user experience. Take this post, An obsession for perfection, as an example. You can see how much attention he gives to every detail. As any UX designer knows, the little details can make or break a successful interface or website.

You can check him out on Dribbble, follow him on Twitter or go to his site and blog to read detailed articles about some of his projects.

Drunken Parrot Icons

Designer Spotlight: Drunken Parrot Icons by Riki Tanone

Drunken Parrot Sample: Hipstore

Designer Spotlight: Drunken Parrot Sample: Hipstore by Riki Tanone

Free HTML + PSD UI Kit

Designer Spotlight: Free HTML + PSD UI Kit by Riki Tanone

Knowmedge Dashboard

Designer Spotlight: Knowmedge Dashboard by Riki Tanone

Mnemonic Search

Designer Spotlight: Mnemonic Search by Riki Tanone

Knowmedge Mobile Login

Designer Spotlight: Knowmedge Mobile Login by Riki Tanone

Flat UI Kit

Designer Spotlight: Flat UI Kit by Riki Tanone

FastGrade About Page

Designer Spotlight: FastGrade About Page by Riki Tanone


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