Designer Spotlight #4: Bill S Kenney

Every so often I like to put together a post celebrating the fantastic work of designers who really put 110% into what they do. I’d like to thank all the awesome designers I’ve featured so far and I’m looking forward to featuring more amazing work in the future. If you’d like to see more of these features, go ahead and browse the designer spotlight category.

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This Weeks Designer Spotlight: Bill S Kenney

Considering Bill has close to 30,000 followers on Dribbble, I’m sure some of you are already aware of his work. The thing that drew me to his profile was the excellent way he frames his work. Everything in his Dribbble portfolio is lovely and polished (admittedly that’s not really what Dribbble is for, but we’ll let that slide for today). His use of color is great (especially his affinity for the color red) and overall the attention to detail he puts into every shot he posts.

You can follow Bill on Twitter and LinkedIn. You can get to know him a little better by reading his bio on the FocusLab site.

Simple Type Chart


Snappy 2.0


JibJab Branding


Liger Activity


Branding Mark


Laracon Invasion


Focus Web





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