Designer Spotlight #2: Mike Busby

Every so often I like to put together a post celebrating the fantastic work of designers who really put 110% into what they do. I’d like to thank all the awesome designers I’ve featured so far and I’m looking forward to featuring more amazing work in the future. If you’d like to see more of these features, go ahead and browse the designer spotlight category.

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This Weeks Designer Spotlight: Mike Busby

So having this as a weekly segment didn’t work out too well since life got in the way a little. If you want to find out why, you can read more about what’s been going on in my life on my blog.

This time I’ve gone with Mike Busby as his attention to detail (or as much detail as can be seen from a Dribbble shot) really caught my attention.

Mike is the co-founder of Espress Labs, a web design and development agency based in Toronto, Canada.

You can find out more about him by following him on Twitter, checking out his Dribbble profile and looking at his photos on Instagram.

Rentinue Login Screen


MappedIn Landing Page


Landing Page Concept


Confirm Dialog


Free PSD – Teal Icons


Drop Down Menus

dropdowns Landing Page Concept


Mmm Green



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