Terms of Use

The code in tutorials and snippets is completely free to use however you wish. You can use the code in personal and commercial projects and have no obligation to say where you got it from. If you’re sharing code a link back to Inpirational Pixels would be nice but it isn’t mandatory.

The freebies on Inspirational Pixels are available under the Creative Commons licence to use in both personal and commercial projects, so there are a few limitations to what you can do with them.

If you’re unsure about anything on this page please get in touch and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

What You CAN Do:

  • You can use the freebies in personal and commercial projects however you wish.
  • You can share the freebies with others. However you must link back to the page here Inspirational Pixels where the code or files originated.
  • You can modify the freebies in anyway you want.

What You CAN’T Do:

  • You can’t sell freebies for profit. This includes sites like, but not limited to, Creative Market and ThemeForest.
  • You can’t make products using the freebies directly, however using them as part of your product is completely fine.
  • You can’t release the freebies for download anywhere else. If you’re sharing the freebie you must link back to the download page and not the download link.

Last updated on 26th September, 2014